Tooth Extraction

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction involves removing a tooth completely from your child’s mouth. Extractions are often done to prevent issues from developing as well as to stop problematic teeth from getting worse. We perform the extraction process easily, quickly and comfortably in our office. While we do everything we can to preserve your child’s smile, there may come a time when an extraction is the only treatment option available.

Why might a Tooth Extraction be needed?

There are a few reasons for why your child might need an extraction. Extractions can be both restorative as well as preventative in nature. Some of these reasons might include:

  • Their tooth has cracked or broken severely
  • A baby tooth isn’t falling out on its own
  • Your child needs to have extractions performed prior to orthodontic treatment
  • A tooth is severely decayed and damaged
  • A wisdom tooth needs to be removed
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What makes your child a candidate for a Tooth Extraction?

To determine if an extraction is needed, we will examine their teeth and take x-rays. This can give us a feel for the work that needs to be done and the best way to go about performing it in our office. Most children who need one or more teeth extracted can safely come into the office for treatment. We provide them with this quality care in a relaxed, kid-friendly environment.

What can be expected during a Tooth Extraction?

We will begin by administering either a local anesthetic or sedation. Sedation is best for children who are undergoing more than one extraction or who show severe anxiety over visiting the dentist. We then use special tools to loosen and lift the tooth out of the mouth. Sutures may be needed to close the gums and help in the healing process. Your child will bite down on some gauze and you’ll be given aftercare instructions to help keep this area clean for them. The extraction process is very simple, and the procedure itself is straightforward.

If you would like to bring your child into our office for an extraction, call us today to schedule an appointment with our team of professionals.