Silver Diamine Fluoride

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver Diamine Fluoride, also known as SDF, is a revolutionary way to both protect teeth as well as treat areas of decay. This clear liquid varnish includes fluoride, ammonia and silver. Together, these uniquely blended ingredients inhibit bacterial growth and development. By inhibiting harmful bacteria which can contribute to decay while simultaneously strengthening the tooth, your child’s smile will remain bright and full for years.

Why might Silver Diamine Fluoride be needed?

The reason your child might need silver diamine fluoride is because they have weakened enamel and the start of one or more cavities. By applying this clear liquid varnish, the bacteria that is contributing to the decay is eradicated, and the tooth is able to become re-mineralized through the process of fluoridation. In turn, this keeps their teeth healthy and strong, and it prevents the need for large fillings or other restorations.

why might silver diamine fluoride be needed

What makes your child a candidate for Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Most children are good candidates for silver diamine fluoride treatments. They are especially ideal for children who have the onset of cavities and who might not yet need fillings to treat these areas of decay. Fluoride can be applied at each checkup visit, or on an as-needed basis. We can examine your child’s teeth to determine if they are a good candidate for silver diamine fluoride treatments.

What happens during the Silver Diamine Fluoride process?

The fluoride treatment begins by applying a clear liquid varnish to your child’s smile. This liquid contains a mixture of silver, ammonia and fluoride. Your child will be instructed to not eat, drink, brush or rinse for about an hour or so following treatment. This allows the fluoride treatment to completely soak into the teeth and provide the benefits that are needed. With the help of SDF treatment, cavities can be stopped in their tracks before they are able to get worse. Most children can benefit from this unique treatment and will find it to be advantageous to the health of their smile.

If your child is in need of SDF treatment, we recommend calling our office to speak with one of our professional team members for further information.